Social Media Photography

Facebook, Instagram, email marketing... the way that small businesses interact with their customers has changed. To keep customers engaged it's now necessary to have a constant stream of high quality content to share online.

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Perfect for small (and large!) businesses to build a stockpile of original imagery that can be published over time, showcasing a client's products or services through high end photography.

How? How Many? How Much?

After a consultation to understand your requirements and brand, we will spend a day photographing your products or services on site or in a special studio setting. Employee action images also make for great content to connect with you clients. This will result in 60 different images, each provided in a range of web-ready formats and sizes. Why 60? If your business sends email newsletters or posts on social media once a week, 60 images will cover a year.  If you post daily on Social Media, this will result in 2 months of different daily images.

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