15 Questions to help define your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Whether you are starting a social media plan from scratch or redefining an existing strategy, taking  a moment to reflect on a few key questions can be valuable.


This helps point you down the best path and ensures that the time you spend is aimed towards your goals.

Here are 15 questions that are helpful when coming up with a social media strategy for your brand.

Goal setting - these questions can help you set a mission for why you are on social media, and to set specific goals to support that mission.

1 - Why are you on social media?

2 - What do you plan to achieve with Social Media?

Your audience - once you know your target audience, you can then find which social networks they frequent, and you can think about how your product or service fits with their needs.

3 - Who is your target audience?

4 - What social channels do they use?

5 - What problems can you help them solve?

6 - What topics and sources of information is important to them?

Your Brand - The voice and tone you convey have a huge impact on how your audience perceives your brand.

7 - What is your Brand voice?

8 - What emotions do you hope to convey though branding visuals and messaging?

Content planning and creation - Think about time, energy and manpower you need to commit to sharing on social media. These questions can also help determine the topics you cover as well as the platforms you use.

9 - What are categories, messages or topics that support your brand?

10 - What realistic resources do you have?

11 - What is the work flow from creation to publication?

12 - How often should i post?

13 - How does social media fit with our other campaigns?

Measuring & Analyzing - This is a big stage of the process.  Measuring ROI hold a lot of value in benchmarking and comparing the performance of your posts.

14 - How is your social media success defined and how are you measuring ROI?

15 - What is the customer journey from search to purchase?

Do you have any other questions you feel have helped you on your social media trek?  I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas.