Should you post on your Social Media on the weekend?

Friday is here! The work week is over!  But does that mean you should take a break from your Social Media Pages?

You may want to spend the weekend unplugged, however that doesn't mean your customers do.  Your audience is out there - go and get them!  

According to Hubspot top posting windows on the weekend are:

- Facebook : 12-2 pm on Saturday and Sunday.  Other top posting times are 1-4 on Friday

- Pinterest: 8-11 pm on Saturdays, 5-6 pm on Fridays, and oddly enough 2-4 am on any given day - sleep much??

- Instagram :9-11 am saturdays and sundays.  However save your most important Instgram content for the weekdays as the reach is migh higher then.

For small business owners, there are all kinds of fun, weekend-only content to post to connect and humanize your business.  Poolside selfies, your son playing high school foot ball, show off your booth at the local market.  Although you may want to completely disconnect, make sure you stay in touch with your smartphone - because when your customers want to buy, you need to be there to sell.

Will you do any social media posting this weekend?  Share your Pages link in the comments!  I would love to see your page action.