A/B test on Social Media

Since we can post the same type of content across your Social Media Platforms, we can take advantage of this opportunity to see what kind of content works best for your clients and business.

Here is how to run that type of experiment:

  • Use 2 different headlines for your post.  For example, in one post, ask a question.  In the next post provide information.  Both on the same subject.
    • Post 1 - What time do you start your day?
    • Post 2 - How waking up at 6 am will increase your productivity.
  • Post both, on the same platform, roughly an hour apart.  
  • Compare the data for each to find the best content for your client base

When you see a big difference in the engagement, you will find out what format works best for your client base.  Try this test out with headlines, images, surveys and more.